Cardio kick boxing? Or trying to start a lawnmower?


1 cup of yogurt
1 smart choices breakfast sandwich
small serving of FATTY pasta


Cardio Kick-boxing class – did a bunch of weird stuff… like pretending to start a lawn mower that wouldn’t work. Hmm.


I pushed myself to go


1 Starbucks Scone
1 cup of yogurt
WAAAAAY too much food at Banana Leaf


Abs, butt and thighs class

Let’s try this again


2 chive and shrimp dumplings
1 egg plant stuffed with shrimp puree
1 gold custard bun2 yogurt cups
1 giant chicken leg
Cooked sprouts (ahh choy)
Small piece of salmon
1 small potato
Brown rice


10 min elliptical
20 min treadmill
130 crunches with ball
– 60 forward
– 50 right
– 50 left

An old beginning…

It may be April 1st, but this is no fool, no joke.

It’s time to get back in shape… not just to “lose weight” but to stay fit, and to stay healthy. Last year, I was GREAT with keeping up my exercise schedule. The best it’s ever been… EVER! But over the past few months, that completely went out the window.

So I’m thinking that if I start keeping track of my activities, work outs and food I eat, I might end up kicking myself in the ass to get back on it!!

So we begin…..